OSBA has completed nearly 1,000 district superintendent and treasurer searches over the past four decades. Our search service reflects our long-term commitment to strong, mutually beneficial board-administrator relationships resulting in student success. OSBA's search consultants have a variety of professional experiences in the private and public sectors and as educators, board members and leaders in higher education and will serve as the board’s experienced and trained partner.

What sets OSBA apart from the rest?

  • Board and district focused: Your board knows what's needed in your school community. Every search is unique and we customize the search from your board's perspective. Our search consultants have school board experience, increasing their understanding of your board's needs.
  • Cost effective: OSBA's high-quality search services are kept affordable as a service to our members.
  • National search: Our close ties with other national search facilitators within the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) provides OSBA with the ability to scale each search nationally. In addition, the relationships between OSBA's search professionals and those at other state school boards associations allow us to broadly advertise open positions without significant costs to districts.
  • Recruiting: Because we value and respect the relationship we have with our district members, we use multiple technologies and formats to attract outstanding candidates and make each search known to any qualified candidate.
  • Cloud-based application: Our paperless, web-based candidate screening platform, Revelus, allows you to easily review candidates and record private notes on your own time.
  • The AchieverWith exclusive rights to the Achiever online assessment tool, OSBA provides board members objective information to help them understand their finalists' unique skills.  
  • New leadership team workshop: A post-search team-building workshop to help lay the foundation for new leadership team success is included in the cost of your OSBA search ($900 value.)
  • OSBA guarantee: Our guarantee is simple. In the unlikely circumstance you are unable to successfully appoint a candidate, OSBA will reopen the search and work with you until the right choice is made.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with an executive search consultant, contact Cheryl W. RyanTeri MorganKristine Robbins or Quinn Maceyko at (614) 540-4000.