The culture of a board defines the way members work together and represent their district. A positive culture absolutely contributes to a positive public perception of the district. Likewise, the lack of a positive culture often results in a negative public perception. 

A proven effective tool in promoting and supporting a strong working culture is a board handbook. Many school boards have benefitted from adopting a handbook through:

  • a common understanding of roles and responsibilities;
  • a ready reference of board policies and procedures;
  • agreed upon protocol for meetings and board actions;
  • an orientation tool for new board members;
  • an invaluable aid for educating your community about school board responsibilities;
  • a common source for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Perhaps the most difficult task is actually creating the handbook. OSBA's electronic template allows you to customize your document to your board's needs without having to start from scratch, or if more assistance is needed, an OSBA consultant will take the lead on drafting a handbook that will guide your board into the future.

Don't leave the most important aspects of your board's work to individual interpretation. An adopted board handbook will help keep your entire team on the same page.

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