Customized Workshops

Each year, OSBA offers dozens of in-person and online workshops, seminars, webinars and conferences to assist board members in building their leadership and governance skills. Some of these opportunities include half-day seminars at OSBA's Columbus office, the springtime Board Leadership Institute (BLI), the State Legislative Conference and November's OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show. Opportunities to learn and network are also offered regionally, including at ESC Leadership Academy workshops facilitated by OSBA consultants and hosted at participating educational service centers. 

For boards with unique concerns or that want specific training "right at home," customized board training is a great option. A board services consultant will work with you to create, customize and facilitate three-hour or full-day workshops and retreats on topics you select for your board leadership team.  

Topics for customized board training and development in your district could include:

  • Leadership team roles and responsibilities
  • Board ethics and trust
  • High-stakes decision-making
  • Board member appointment and training
  • Board operating protocols
  • Superintendent or treasurer evaluation
  • Internal and external communication
  • Community partnerships
  • Preparing for and leading through change
  • Effective board meetings
  • The board's role in improving student achievement
  • New superintendent, treasurer or board member transitions
  • The development of board handbooks
  • Best practices in the usage of board committees
  • Staff and community surveys
  • Culture and engagement
  • Succession planning for leadership teams
  • Classified staff professional development
  • Board self-assessment
  • Board relations and coping strategies

OSBA summer special

Each summer, OSBA offers a discount on customized workshops and retreats offered June 1 through Aug. 15: save $100 on a half-day workshop and $200 on a full-day workshop. Schedule a virtual or in-person workshop or retreat with OSBA's board and management services team to facilitate conversations and training to ensure your leadership team is ready for the new academic year. 

Contact Cheryl W. RyanTeri Morgan or Kristine Robbins at (614) 540-4000 today to learn more and schedule your customized board workshop.