Welcome to the OSBA Book Club--Pandemic Summer Edition! We are looking forward to a new year of continuing the goal of lifelong learning through the reading and sharing of more great books.  Our goal is to choose books that are of interest to school district leaders and that can help them in better understanding their work, growing their relationships with staff and community members, building leadership skills or simply because of personal interest.

It's free to join the OSBA Book Club but you must be registered as a Book Club member to receive its communication.  Book Club members receive email notification when a new book is selected.  As we read each book, we'll send members two or three questions to encourage discussion at board meetings or with district leadership team colleagues.

The OSBA Book Club began in the winter of 2014 with "How Children Succeed:  Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character", by Paul Tough.  Check out the many great selections we have read since then.  Please join us for our current book or spice up your knowledge with one of our previous reads.

This summer we are reading, What Made Maddy Run, by Kate Fagan. Click below to order the book through Amazon.


This is a heartbreaking story of a college athlete, Madison Holleran, whose life and death by suicide reveal the struggle of young people suffering from mental illness today in this #1 New York Times Sports and Fitness bestseller. 

What Made Maddy Run began as a piece that Kate Fagan, a columnist for espnW, wrote about Maddy's life. What started as a profile of a successful young athlete whose life ended in suicide became so much larger when Fagan started to hear from other college athletes also struggling with mental illness.

We will begin reading on Monday, June 15, 2020. Thought questions will be emailed to Book Club members:

Wed., June 24    Chapters 1- 6

Wed., July 8       Chapters 7-11

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The OSBA Book Club is a cost-free program allowing member districts (board members, administrators and district staff and community members) to read and learn together. OSBA's Cheryl W. Ryan explains why you should join the Book Club in the video under "Resources."Do you have a suggestion for another book that would be a great addition to the OSBA Book Club Series?  Email Teri Morgan with your suggestion.