The Guiding Principles are the attitudes, mind-sets or beliefs about how work should be accomplished within our organization and how people should act as they work toward accomplishing OSBA’s vision.

We value and expect effective communication. 

  • We ensure all members and staff are made aware of and have access to accurate information.
  • We use multiple methods of communication to reach all partners in the ways they most prefer.
  • We use multiple resources to gather the most recent and accurate information.

We value and expect integrity. 

  • We interact with others in a respectful and honest manner.
  • We provide appropriate, reliable and verified information.
  • We are trustworthy, keeping promises and commitments.

We value and expect collaboration and partnership. 

  • We seek and nurture relationships with those who share investment in the future of public education.
  • We value diversity of thought and opinion.
  • We harness the expertise and build on the commonality of partners.

We value and expect superior customer service. 

  • We are responsive, courteous and timely.
  • We find or provide resources to meet partners’ needs.
  • We monitor and continuously improve partner satisfaction.

We value and foster expertise. 

  • We provide the time and resources to develop association leaders, members and staff.
  • We cultivate visionary leadership across the association.
  • We hire, retain and value a highly qualified staff.
  • We strengthen association services by partnering with industry experts.