The Guiding Principles are the attitudes, mind-sets or beliefs about how work should be accomplished within our organization and how people should act as they work toward accomplishing OSBA’s vision.

We value and expect effective communication. Therefore:

  • We will ensure all members and staff are made aware of and have access to the best possible information in a timely manner.
  • We will solicit input from all internal and external stakeholders.
  • We will use multiple methods of communication to reach a wide variety of audiences.

We value and expect integrity. Therefore:

  • We will interact with others in a respectful and honest manner.
  • We will provide appropriate and reliable information.
  • We will be trustworthy and keep promises and commitments.

We value and expect collaboration and partnership. Therefore:

  • We will facilitate understanding and agreement among partners.
  • We will not allow disagreements to impact our overall relationships.
  • We will creatively seek and nurture relationships with those who shape the future of education.

We value and expect superior customer service. Therefore:

  • We will be responsive, courteous and timely.
  • We will find or provide resources to meet customers’ needs.
  • We will monitor and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

We value and foster expertise. Therefore:

  • We will cultivate visionary leadership across the association.
  • We will hire, retain and value highly qualified staff.
  • We will provide time and resources to develop association leaders, members and staff.