This webinar is 80 minutes in length.

Sexual harassment creates an intolerable environment for employees and exposes employers to liability and negative public perception. This webinar, which is geared toward school district superintendents and other administrators, will discuss creating and maintaining a culture that promotes respect and lawful behavior and encourages compliance and anti-retaliation in your schools and among your employees.


This webinar is 90 minutes in length.

Crowdfunding refers to online fundraisers that help teachers and schools solicit donations of money and supplies to enhance classrooms and enrich the education of their students. Crowdfunding can be tremendously beneficial but also can pose some risks. Join OSBA, and an Ohio school district for an in-depth look at the Ohio auditor of state office's recent guidance and OSBA's model policy on crowdfunding; suggestions for best practices and practical tips; and a review of the platform as a district-focused option that has helped 80% of the nation’s public schools secure more than $725 million in resources to date.


This webinar is 40 minutes in length.

Learn about best practices related to several key aspects of board committee work and structure, including legal and practical distinctions between board and administrative committees. Topics include the role and structure of board committees, as well as the various types of board committees commonly used in Ohio school districts. Hear examples of typical board committees and get answers to your questions.


This webinar is 60 minutes in length.

This webinar provides both new and experienced board members with the tools they need to understand Robert's Rules of Order and how to use the rules to make their meetings effective and productive.