Ohio school board members began holding conferences in 1950 to discuss the challenges facing public education. Over the next five years, four regional associations were formed and they banded together as the Council of Ohio Regional School Boards Associations in an effort to coordinate activities.

On Dec. 4, 1955, 300 school board members from 128 districts adopted the OSBA Constitution, which stated that OSBA’s chief purpose was to “work for the general advancement of public education in Ohio.” The following year, 486 of the 1,246 local and county boards of education were OSBA members.

Today OSBA is composed of more than 700 school boards. Nearly 3,500 elected and appointed members represent Ohio’s local, city, exempted village, career center and educational service center districts. The administrative teams and district staff of member boards also have access to all OSBA services.

OSBA has changed significantly over the years in response to the changing educational landscape. But it remains true to its responsibility to help you, the local school board member, do your job more effectively. We’re guided by our mission to serve Ohio’s public school board members and the diverse districts they represent through superior service, unwavering advocacy and creative solutions. And we stand ready to assist you in all areas of boardmanship.