a map of OSBA's five regions

The Ohio School Boards Association is divided into five regions. 

The purpose of the regions is to support and assist OSBA in its activities and programs and to aid in achieving the purposes of the association, as stated in the OSBA Constitution, through cooperation with the statewide organization and through regional programs of activities designed to guide and support the regions' school boards and school board members.

The governing body of each region is composed of: (1) regional officers; (2) members elected to the regional executive committee, with the number to be determined by the region; and (3) OSBA Trustees from the region, with the number to be determined by the OSBA Executive Committee in accordance with the OSBA Constitution.

Regional executive committee
The regional executive committee determines policy for the region and plans programs and activities designed to carry out the purposes of the organization. The regional executive committee holds at least three regular meetings per year; additional meetings may be called by the region president.