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The school board is ultimately accountable to its citizens for the governance and management of the schools and for the results achieved. Well-written policy establishes the parameters within which the district operates. Policy represents ideas designed to bring action, the kind of action the policy-maker wants. It tells the school community what the board wants and why.

Policy development is a continual process, and OSBA's policy services department is here to help you in the process. OSBA policy services offer several levels of assistance, ranging from Basic to Premium Services. Experienced OSBA policy consultants assist boards of education in developing and updating their school board policy manuals. Policy consultants are supported by the expertise of OSBA's legal, labor relations, legislative and board and management services staff.

• Every district should have a well-organized, comprehensive and usable manual.
• OSBA provides the highest quality service at a competitive rate.
• OSBA policy services offer various types of expert guidance, depending on your district's needs, using local input and materials.
• OSBA policies are reviewed and supported by our legal, legislative, labor relations and board and management services staff.
• OSBA policy services approaches the process from the board's point of view, ensuring complete board control.
• OSBA consultants are available for meetings in the district, online and by telephone.

OSBA also offers a Web Conversion Service. This service continues to complement your policy manual by allowing online access to your board, administration, staff, students, parents and community members.

Please refer to the "Policy Services at a Glance" section for brief descriptions of each of our services.

For further information, contact Kenna S. Haycox or Gamy Narvaez (614) 540-4000.