Ohio School Bus Safety Work Group 

Report released January 2024 download here

Safety is always the paramount concern. Districts continuously strive to become more efficient, but assessing and understanding the complexity of school transportation can be difficult. 

February is "Love the Bus Month"  is a time to show gratitude towards the dedicated bus drivers, mechanics, office personnel and the managers who ensure the safe transportation of students to and from school and many extracurricular trips. 

OSBA offers transportation consulting services, provided by transportation professionals, to help districts improve the effectiveness of their student transportation manager and department.

OSBA offers a unique subscription service to support districts with their student transportation. For an annual fee, districts that subscribe can access a number of transportation support services without additional cost. Learn more about the Virtual Transportation Supervisor (VTS) program. The registration form is here.

For more information, contact Doug Palmer at dpalmer@ohioschoolboards.org or Helena Michaels at hmichaels@ohioschoolboards.org or by phone at (614) 540-4000.