ODE School Bus Purchase Program:

Under the program, the Ohio Department of Education will issue awards for school districts to purchase one or more buses. Each bus purchased will require the school district to remove one of the qualifying buses (on the approved list provided by the Department) from regular daily service. If more than one bus is purchased, an equivalent number of buses shall be removed from regular service.

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NASDPTS position paper : America's Professional School Bus Drivers

Ohio school bus driver requirements

Ohio School Transportation Review

U.S. DOT's powerpoint on Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT)

This page holds the archive copies of the OSBA transportation news update communications. These are PDF files. 

All school district transportation administrators are included on the email list for this communication.  Other school staff interested in receiving the updates can add themselves to the email list through the profile update service on the OSBA home page.

May 4, 2020   Next transportation conference, HB 197 clarification, school bus sanitizer and disinfectant

Apr 20, 2020  Licenses and recertification, CDL testing, school bus inspections, transportation drop-in meeting

Apr 8, 2020   FMCSA drug and alcohol, HB 197 deadline extensions, bus purchase information, railroad information, changes in scheduled training sessions for April and May

Mar 18, 2020 Pandemic special - OSBA operations, changes in calendar, MVI inspections, projects to consider during closures

Feb 24, 2020 School bus passing violator survey

Jan 8, 2020   FMCSA notifications - clearinghouse difficulty and change in D/A random testing rates

Dec 13, 2019 Do drivers need to register for the clearinghouse?

Nov 22, 2019 Clearinghouse, ELDT update

Oct 19, 2019  School bus safety week

Oct 15, 2019  School bus safety week, Evacuation drills

Aug 27, 2019  FMCSA programs - ELDT, Clearinghouse

Aug 22, 2019  T2, Fuel Tax, Revised Code updates

Jul 12, 2019   T2 reports, NTSB report-Iowa bus fire

May 31, 2019  Are you ready for summer? Read this reprint of an SMN article reviewing summer transportation tasks

Apr 22, 2019   Fuel Tax, passing violations results, rules changes

Mar 22, 2019   Bus passing survey update, spring driving safety

Mar 15, 2019  School bus passing survey

Feb 15, 2019  Rules update - JCARR submission and ODE proposal

Jan 23, 2019   Transportation funding, CDL renewal, HB 338/T-8 physicals

Nov 9, 2018     Bus stop safety, ODE rules activity, Electronic Stability Control, Cost & Efficiency data available

Sept 4, 2018    ODE rules proposal update, Seat belts on schoolbuses

Aug 23, 2018   ODE announces proposed rules changes

Aug 13, 2018   Seat belts, back-to-school planning

Jul 9, 2018       T2 due date, EPA diesel mitigation grant, training opportunities

Jun 4, 2018      EPA grant webinar

May 31, 2018    NTSB report on Chattanooga and Baltimore crashes

Apr 25, 2018     EPA grant news, Reasonable Suspicion training opportunity

Apr 24, 2018     School Bus Driver appreciation day, school bus options, school bus crashes - a year in review

Mar 25, 2018     EPA alternative fuel vehicle grant

Mar 20, 2018     CDL license changes, Regional OSBA transportation roundtables

Feb 12, 2018     EPA grant, regional roundtables

Jan 4, 2018        Funding, drug test changes, EPA, CDL changes, Bus recalls

Nov 1, 2017      ODE pupil transportation rules update

Sep 22, 2017    K-3 safety, bus stop and route times, T-1, MTA 

Jan 25, 2017 Funding and T reports, Chattanooga update, cell phone laws. school zone flasher grants

Dec 20, 2016 Call to action for EPA comments on VW grant allocations

Dec 8, 2016 Tragic school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Oct 31 2016  Drug and Alcohol testing for bus drivers

Sept  29, 2016 T1 reports, VTS program, MTA program, Capital Conference Transportation spotlight

Sept 14, 2016   EPA grant opportunity - webinar notice

2016-1 (sent January 22, 2016) School bus inspection program changes, Virtual Transportation Supervisor

2015-7 (sent December 7, 2015) Virtual Transportation Supervisor, Transportation funding, Technology, Seat belts

2015-6 (sent October 15, 2015) National School Bus Safety Week, School bus evacuation drills

2015-5 (sent October 1, 2015) T-1 report, Other types of transportation on the T-1, MTA enrollment

2015-4 (sent September 14, 2015) Accident statistics, Reasonable suspicion training, Alternative fuels, bus purchase

2015-3 (sent August 26, 2015) School start issues, student training, T1, T8, funding simulations

2015-2 (sent February 11, 2015) Update on payment in lieu of transportation

2015-1 (sent February 2, 2015) Media relations class, calamity days, updated transportation data, bus heat, alternative fuels training

2014-7 (sent November 17, 2014) K-12 training, Reasonable suspicion training, rules class, efficiency ratings, two-way radios, emergency drivers on buses

2014-6 (sent October 8, 2014) Equipment on buses, school bus safety week, administrator training, OSBA web access, training opportunities

2014-5 (sent September 23, 2014) Training opportunities, T1 tips, background checks, American School bus council, school bus construction issues

2014-4 (sent September 5, 2014) MTA registration, School bus Evacuation drills, FMCSA Reg-Neg, School bus Safety Week, Consulting vacancy at OSBA

2014-3 (sent August 26, 2014) Information about school start up needs: T8 expirations, sleep apnea screening, bus stop and routing plans, red light violators

2014-2 (sent May 29, 2014) Information includes school bus accident statistics and safety message.

2014-1 (sent May 21, 2014) Information includes:  FY13 Cost analysis, FY14 Efficiency ratio report, T1S update, construction standards update, Epipen, Master of Transportation Administrator