New rules proposals being considered by the state board of education:

The following package of proposed rules amendments was presented to the state board of education on April 2, 2019.

Rules presented to SBOE 4-2-19

Transportation and school administrators should review these proposed changes and determine if there are concerns that they may want to comment on.  These rules were previously posted for comments, however they have been amended again since that posting and there are differences in what is being presented.

Proposed changes to rules impacting pupil transportation services

Rules filed with JCARR: (February 7, 2019)

The following rules have been filed with JCARR:

3301-83-01 Calculation of payments, 03 Purpose, 04 Scope and Definition, 05 Administration, 09 Pupil Instruction, 10 Personnel Training, 12 Safety Procedures, 14 Records and Reports, 15 Emergency procedures, 17 Authorized passengers, 18 Passenger capacity, 19 Authorized vehicles, 21 Supplement for BODD, 22 Vehicle maintenance, 23 Criminal convictions, 24 School transportation fees.

For the complete text of these rules, go to this link:  JCARR rules proposal

JCARR will hold a public hearing on these rules on March 11.

Rules published by ODE on their website as proposed changes: (February 5, 2019)

3301-83-06 , 07, 08, 11, 13, and 20.

ODE is accepting comments on these changes until March 6. Submit to:

For the complete text of these rules, go to this link: ODE rules proposal

Special Education Transportation Rule

On November 19 ODE sent out a communication with proposed changes to the transportation of children with disabilities rule.  To review the proposed changes, select the following link:  OAC 3301-51-10 proposed changes

Anyone wishing to submit comments on the proposed changes is asked to submit those comments to prior to February 19, 2019


Pupil transportation regulations


All school transportation in Ohio must comply with the Ohio Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules, which are comprised of revised code and administrative rule. This requirement is based on Ohio Revised Code (RC) 4511.76.  

Download the complete set of rules:
Pupil Transportation Rules-condensed size
Pupil Transportation Rules-full size

School transportation staff requirements
School bus drivers, van drivers and bus attendants must meet many requirements to perform their duties. The staff requirements chart provides an overview of the requirements for each and their source in Ohio law. (Chart updated 2/2016 to clarify source of training for van drivers).

Criminal background checks for driving staff
School bus drivers and van drivers are subject to criminal background checks. RC 3327.10 requires individuals who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any offense listed in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-83-23 shall not be hired or shall be released from employment, as applicable, unless the person meets the rehabilitation requirements.  

In July 2015, the Ohio Department of Education published the Standards for Employment of School Bus and School Van Drivers with Criminal Charges and Convictions to summarize the changes in regulations leading to the final rule. It includes a chart that summarizes the offenses and lists the eligiblity for rehabilitation for each.  

Steps for training new drivers - school bus and van
There are many steps to train a new bus driver or new van driver. The accompanying chart summarizes them, and compares the differences between training a bus driver and a van driver. Download the training summary