From concept to delivery, OSBA has the expertise, resources, experience and creativity to analyze and determine best practices to enhance transportation safety and efficiency in your district. These services can be tailored to meet your district’s needs to strengthen your transportation program. 

Department operational review

  • Analyze district practices
  • Verify department compliance and driver qualifications
  • Assist with best practice implementation

District cost analysis 

  • Line-by-line operational cost examination
  • Peer district comparison of districts that are similar in size and services

Fleet management assistance 

  • Condition review of the bus fleet to analyze when to purchase buses and maintenance effectiveness to prevent breakdowns
  • School bus purchase planning for short and long term
  • Bus purchasing assistance for bidding and selecting the best bus and options for your district

Local district professional development

Routing studies

  • Logistical options including examining school starting and dismissal times
  • Estimate the operational cost of each plan
  • Analyze the number of buses needed

Transportation handbook 

  • Driver template and department
  • Emergency planning procedures