2018 All-Ohio School Board

Five Ohio board members will take center stage this November to receive the association’s most prestigious honor, the All-Ohio School Board Award. 

Earning the All-Ohio School Board Award is not an easy feat. Competition is heavy and the qualifications are considerable. But the board members who receive this award benefit greatly, both in their personal and professional lives.

Each region will appoint a review committee of school board members to be responsible for selecting the All-Ohio winners from the Outstanding Board Member nominations. Judges will be looking for board members who obviously are concerned for the education and welfare of children, make the necessary time commitments, invest in their own ongoing in-service development, practice good decision-making, work with their fellow board members as a team and follow OSBA's code of ethics. The nomination procedure is listed below.

The All-Ohio School Board Award winners will receive a plaque at the OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show. Each region also will honor all nominated outstanding board members at the fall regional meetings. We rely on you to identify board members who exemplify outstanding boardmanship.

Direct any questions to your regional manager.

• All member boards of education are invited and encouraged to designate by board action one member each year to be recognized for outstanding service.
• Each region shall establish a system for honoring all outstanding board members designated by their local boards.
• The required form must be returned to the respective region secretary no later than June 28.
• All entries must be on the official form. Additional official endorsements from other organizations or groups outside of the school district will not be considered.
• Each region shall provide a committee of school board members to select one of the designated board members to represent the region on the All-Ohio School Board. No member of the region selection committee is eligible to be selected.
• A board member who has been selected for the All-Ohio Board is not eligible for selection to the All-Ohio Board a second time.