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Featured Items

8" x 6" x 2" mahogany box with full-color tile plate
Plate size: 6" x 4"
May be customized with district logo for a one-time setup fee of $35.


(2023 edition) A paperback version of the interpretive text that appears in the Ohio School Law Guide. Written by attorney Kimball H. Carey. The Law Manual is a perfect reference for anyone involved with education.


(2023 edition) Ohio’s most comprehensive school law publication. This multi-volume set offers basic, easy-to-understand interpretations of Ohio statutes and regulations that govern public school operations. Written by attorney Kimball H. Carey.


NOTE: OSBA Board Candidate Workshop and Webinar registrants will receive this book. This OSBA publication answers commonly asked questions related to getting started as a candidate. Topics covered include management of the campaign committee, financial reporting and ethical issues.