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Americans see public schools as a critical community resource and rank education as a priority second only to the economy. How can educators harness this public interest in education to bring parents, families and communities to action for our schools? This Corwin Press publication addresses these questions and more in this invaluable source of methods and strategies for educators to initiate action.


This Corwin Press publication emphasizes the importance of community involvement for effective school functioning, student support and well-being, and community health and development. This sharp, insightful book serves as an excellent resource for educators seeking to establish school-community partnerships to achieve goals for their schools and the students, families and communities they serve. Schools can collaborate with a wide variety of community partners to obtain the resources they need to achieve important goals for students’ learning.


(Third edition) A practical, easy-to-read manual for developing positive communication techniques within your school district. Written by Carolyn Warner, former Arizona superintendent of public instruction. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


Although Ohio law does not specifically address booster groups and parent organizations, these organizations and their respective activities do fall under numerous federal and state laws and regulations. This publication provides vital information to both school districts and booster group members regarding booster group governance, liability matters and financial issues. The publication also offers recommendations on effective school board and booster group relations. In addition, the book provides helpful tips and best practices to facilitate effective booster operations in your district.