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This publication serves as a convenient reference for superintendents, treasurers and other human resource professionals charged with administering the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This practical guide will help answer FMLA questions, determine whether the FMLA applies, properly notify employees of their rights and responsibilities under the FMLA, ensure that an employee's FMLA leave is properly captured, and provide guidance to ensure an employee is properly reinstated. It provides practical examples and explanations, helpful charts and diagrams, and useful Internet links.


This publication is a convenient reference for superintendents, athletic directors, principals, coaches and other school officials. This book provides practical legal information about funding and staffing athletic programs, ensuring equal access to athletic programs, disciplining student-athletes, extracurricular student transportation, liability for sports injuries and other sports law topics. It also includes sample board policies.


REVISED. This publication, written by Susan E. Geary, a special education attorney with Brickler & Eckler LLP, focuses on Ohio’s special education rules and a summary of hot legal topics in special education.


This publication covers three primary topics: Ohio’s attendance laws, open enrollment and payment of tuition. While the basic attendance rules are fairly straightforward, the number of exceptions to the rules increases each year. The guide will help you determine whether a student is entitled to attend in your school district, what type of documentation you need to have and whether any special steps must be taken. It deals with students of divorced parents, students whose custody is in doubt, adult students and special education. Written in a question-and-answer format, this publication is a valuable addition to your legal library.


This OSBA publication provides an accurate description of the state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to public records and explains the complex nature of executive sessions and record keeping.


(2022 edition) A paperback version of the interpretive text that appears in the Ohio School Law Guide. Written by attorney Kimball H. Carey. The Law Manual is a perfect reference for anyone involved with education.


(2022 edition) Ohio’s most comprehensive school law publication. This multi-volume set offers basic, easy-to-understand interpretations of Ohio statutes and regulations that govern public school operations. Written by attorney Kimball H. Carey.