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Featured Items

(Second edition) This publication looks at state and local efforts to change teacher compensation and considers these questions: Are teachers paid equitably for what they do? Should pay increases be based on seniority, skill level or student achievement? Does increased compensation motivate teachers and improve schools? A must-read for everyone concerned with teacher pay and school reform. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


Executive CEOs require the management and executive skills to meet complex issues of budgets, personnel, information technologies, product accountability and competition. Superintendents require many of the same skills to effectively manage their districts. This publication from Corwin Press and the American Association of School Administrators identifies the knowledge and skills needed by current and aspiring school district administrators to become high-performing CEOs of their districts and schools.


How many times have you wished for the right words to inspire, persuade or challenge your peers, students or yourself? Enhance your speeches, proposals and presentations — and enrich your days — with this unique collection of thoughts from widely recognized leaders in educational theory and practice. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


This hard-hitting, no-nonsense advice on school board leadership capitalizes on hands-on experience working with hundreds of board members and superintendents over the past quarter century. It is a practical, survive-and-thrive book that will help school district leaders — board members, superintendents and senior administrators — learn to work together successfully in these extraordinarily challenging times.


This publication describes how the superintendent can wear the “chief partnership officer” hat while leading and managing a board-superintendent program. Special attention is paid to such crucial partnership building concepts as: empowering the board; building board member ownership of their governing work; making governing work easier and more fun; and involving senior administrators in providing executive support to the board.


(Second Edition) This publication provides easy-to-apply, straightforward school leadership ideas and practices than from any other book in print. No-nonsense, often funny advice about what works, what never did and what you can do to put your school and yourself atop the excellence pile.


Handle unhappy parents diplomatically with help from this helpful, quick-read resource. Acquire the skills to disarm emotionally charged behavior and defuse out-of-control parents. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


(Third edition) Tap your greatest leadership potential and quickly get on track to meeting today's complicated challenges. These short, inspiration-infused nuggets of actionable advice provide a path to get you there. This updated Corwin Press publication includes first-hand insights to proven leadership best practices that inspire, challenge and instruct, and up-to-date research on creative solutions to leadership challenges. Build trust, spark innovation and learn what it realy takes to support a community of learners and leaders.


This publication will help school boards effectively lead their districts with commitment, imagination and courage, while minding legal and ethical constraints. This edited volume — based on words of wisdom from experienced superintendents — features long-term guiding principles to help school board members deal with the challenges of leadership. School boards play a critical role in education and the advice offered in this book will help to strengthen their workings.


This Corwin Press publication examines the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards — the new benchmarks established by NCATE and ISLLC for a highly effective superintendency — and shows how administrators can incorporate each standard into their global vision and everyday practice.


(Second edition) Today’s schools require leaders who focus school efforts and resources on what is happening in the classroom: teaching and learning. This Corwin Press publication examines the instructional leadership role of school leaders and provides them with practical ways to reflect on, determine and improve their own instructional goals. Using a unique toolbox metaphor, this resource book also offers a variety of helpful tools — skills, strategies and information — drawn from today’s best research and theory in school administration.


(Second edition) Leadership and governance are only parts of the puzzle when other elements such as privatization, performance-based teacher compensation, technology, and global comparisons like PISA are brought into the picture. Drawing on the experiences of nearly 300 superintendents over the past 15 years, this Corwin Press publication offers guidance that can be referenced again and again.