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This book simplifies the process of progressive discipline and the principles of just cause, and illustrates ideal progressive discipline language, in both contract and policy form. Covered are jurisdictional issues, management rights, the grievance procedure, processing grievances, the arbitration hearing, and interpreting and applying the contract.


The results of collective bargaining can have a profound and lasting impact on the administrative, educational and financial structures of school districts. This practical guide provides information for board members and administrations about the basics of negotiations including, selecting a bargaining team, determining roles and responsibilities, beginning negotiations and dealing with the threat of a strike.


This publication is a roadmap through the collective bargaining process in the public sector. It describes both how the bargaining process works, and how it could work better. The journey will take you from understanding why public sector bargaining is fundamentally different from bargaining in the private sector, through the preparation, the actual bargaining process, and the various possible outcomes. Regardless of whether you are involved in the process as a professional negotiator, a bargaining team member, or simply someone interested in the process, Better Bargaining will provide a deeper understanding of how and why things are happening at the bargaining table.