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A simplified, handy manual that explains key parliamentary procedures, questions and actions.


Student achievement is the ultimate goal of the school boards that govern the thousands of schools nationwide. This book serves as a resource on student achievement initiatives in this country and offers a framework through which to view them. It explores the issues related to the student achievement movement; highlights the findings of NSBA’s Student Achievement Survey; profiles eight districts and their student achievement successes; summarizes the student achievement efforts of many other districts; and lists resources school boards can use to build a knowledge base on student achievement. An NSBA publication available through OSBA.


In this handy question-and-answer format, author Gerald W. Bracey looks at nine tough questions and backs up answers with thoughtful explanations. Key issues include: interpreting educational research data; exploring and understanding tests; SAT facts and fictions; private schools versus public schools; and teacher and administrator accountability. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


Explore the processes and procedures involved in evaluating professional development, from simple to complex. The book includes sample evaluation forms, checklists, and helpful hints and tips. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


Because the stakes are so high, it is essential that communities be involved in determining the quality of their schools and setting their future direction. How this can be done is the focus of this publication and is presented in two parts. The first is an analysis and discussion of the issues, trends and frameworks that emerged from an examination of district practices. The second consists of district profiles that are rich in detail, creative ideas and practical solutions. An NSBA publication available through OSBA.


This publication from Corwin Press helps busy instructors find the financial support they need, from grants for special classroom projects to funding for schoolwide programs. It’s an easy starting point for surfing the Web for grants — including some that can only be found on the Internet! Save time and money by exploring the world of grantwriting on the Internet … and begin with a user-friendly format that is perfect for both the novice and the experienced grantwriter.


This little book introduces you to the greatest legal document ever written: the United States Constitution. It is the most influential legal document in existence, and, since its creation more than 200 years ago, over 100 countries around the world have used it as a model for their own constitutions.


This NSBA publication is intended to serve as a stimulus for dialogue, an inspiration for building relationships and a framework for mutually developed teamwork. It is not a code of rules to be followed point-by-point; it is based on a systems approach to addressing issues and making decisions through ongoing dialogue and reflection as needs and circumstances change.


This step-by-step guidebook from Corwin Press gives educators at all levels the practical tools they need to take control of the grantwriting process and succeed. Field-tested and refined for more than a decade, these strategies can create a new level of understanding for all practitioners and bring effective grant development to your school and district.


From finding appropriate sources for grants to submitting an effective proposal, this invaluable guide is the definitive road map for easy navigation through the entire grantwriting process. Every facet of grantwriting is thoroughly, yet succinctly, covered. Included are an in-depth review of the application package, expert writing tips, specific techniques for an efficient plan of operation and practical advice on budget development. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


This publication blends proven traditional success secrets for school leaders with new-found strategies and unique methods from businesses and organizations outside the education community. This marvelous new resource provides you with the necessary ingredients for success! A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


(Second edition) Drawing on current research, theory and best practices of leadership, organizational performance and personnel evaluation, this book contains the information and tools necessary to successfully evaluate all types of educational leaders and improve individual and organizational performance. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.