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A simplified, handy manual that explains key parliamentary procedures, questions and actions.


In this handy question-and-answer format, author Gerald W. Bracey looks at nine tough questions and backs up answers with thoughtful explanations. Key issues include: interpreting educational research data; exploring and understanding tests; SAT facts and fictions; private schools versus public schools; and teacher and administrator accountability. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


Explore the processes and procedures involved in evaluating professional development, from simple to complex. The book includes sample evaluation forms, checklists, and helpful hints and tips. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


This NSBA publication is intended to serve as a stimulus for dialogue, an inspiration for building relationships and a framework for mutually developed teamwork. It is not a code of rules to be followed point-by-point; it is based on a systems approach to addressing issues and making decisions through ongoing dialogue and reflection as needs and circumstances change.


This step-by-step guidebook from Corwin Press gives educators at all levels the practical tools they need to take control of the grantwriting process and succeed. Field-tested and refined for more than a decade, these strategies can create a new level of understanding for all practitioners and bring effective grant development to your school and district.


From finding appropriate sources for grants to submitting an effective proposal, this invaluable guide is the definitive road map for easy navigation through the entire grantwriting process. Every facet of grantwriting is thoroughly, yet succinctly, covered. Included are an in-depth review of the application package, expert writing tips, specific techniques for an efficient plan of operation and practical advice on budget development. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


This publication blends proven traditional success secrets for school leaders with new-found strategies and unique methods from businesses and organizations outside the education community. This marvelous new resource provides you with the necessary ingredients for success! A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


(Second edition) Drawing on current research, theory and best practices of leadership, organizational performance and personnel evaluation, this book contains the information and tools necessary to successfully evaluate all types of educational leaders and improve individual and organizational performance. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


This NSBA publication provides a way of thinking about how the resources available in a school district can be best used for raising student achievement. It is designed to give school boards concrete examples of alignment processes in each of the board’s major roles; suggestions for clarifying superintendent and staff roles and responsibilities; and questions to ask during the year to ensure the alignment of all aspects of resources in the district.


This unique NSBA publication offers school board members a wide-angle lens through which to view student achievement, suggest the right questions to bring to their policy deliberations and provide a working knowledge that will inspire dynamic board leadership to raise student achievement.


Handle unhappy parents diplomatically with help from this helpful, quick-read resource. Acquire the skills to disarm emotionally charged behavior and defuse out-of-control parents. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


If board meetings are something you simply “get through” so you can get on with your “real” work, this book is a must. Turn board meetings into productive, result-getting events that help you focus on teaching and learning to achieve district goals with support of this realistic, detailed and entertaining publication from Corwin Press.