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A simplified, handy manual that explains key parliamentary procedures, questions and actions.


In this handy question-and-answer format, author Gerald W. Bracey looks at nine tough questions and backs up answers with thoughtful explanations. Key issues include: interpreting educational research data; exploring and understanding tests; SAT facts and fictions; private schools versus public schools; and teacher and administrator accountability. A Corwin Press publication available through OSBA.


If board meetings are something you simply “get through” so you can get on with your “real” work, this book is a must. Turn board meetings into productive, result-getting events that help you focus on teaching and learning to achieve district goals with support of this realistic, detailed and entertaining publication from Corwin Press.


This plain-spoken, highly readable book is an indispensable resource for school board members, superintendents and senior administrators who are committed to strong school board leadership and solid board-superintendent partnerships. Not an abstract, theoretical work on public school governance, it is filled with practical, tested, down-to-earth guidance you can immediately use in your school district.


This publication from Corwin Press helps current and future superintendents and school board members develop an effective governance team that prioritizes quality teaching and learning. Designed for practicing and aspiring superintendents and school board members, this exceptional book relates the everyday experiences and challenges faced by this important district team.


Superintendent evaluation is a unique process that is often neglected but critical in this era of accountability. This invaluable guide provides an overview of the entire process, including: crafting board policy, criteria for good policy and prototype policy. It identifies the unique challenges posed by the evaluation process and describes a three-tiered model of evaluation. Numerous sample forms are included to assist school districts in creating a customized evaluation protocol to enhance performance.


This publication offers suggestions for effective service on a public school board. Readers will learn how Lynn Hamilton helped garner the support of teachers, terminate collective bargaining with a union, and pass six of seven tax increase measures after a long history of failures at the polls. As a result of his 15-year career as a school board member, Hamilton is able to portray how members of a school board can foster an environment that helps to create an outstanding superintendent, which is key to a successful public school system.


The Essential School Board book highlights effective practices that are common to high-functioning boards around the country - boards that are working successfully with their superintendents and communities to improve teaching and learning.


While the overwhelming majority of school board members have good motives, even people who mean well can make bad moves. This book shows how to prevent good intentions from creating bad outcomes. Each chapter presents a negative school board scenario, offers alternatives, and provides win-win solutions. In addition to highlighting typical traps, the 28 case studies light the path to positive collaboration and shared decision making between superintendents and school boards.


"School Boarding" is an art. Boards have their own purpose, means, personality, process and protocol. Learn the basics of this particular boardmanship and school governance, and the role of the board, its members and the administration. This book explains ethical expectations, a specific code of conduct and how the board handles community concerns and builds relationships. Dozens of case studies also provide examples and insight from veteran board members and administrators. The common sense of these straightforward, jargon-free pages explains what present or future board members must know.


Perfect for a new board member or an experienced veteran, this five-book set should be a part of every school board member’s library. The series includes Board Officers’ Guidebook, Board-Legislature Partnership, Board-Superintendent Partnership, Board-Treasurer Partnership and Boardmanship. A great deal, if purchased separatley the cost would be $75.00.


This is the clearest, most useful guide to parliamentary procedure, now with new information on effective and reliable procedures for nominations, elections, ballots, balloting and ballot counting.