Watch this page for continuing updates on classes and opportunities that are scheduled throughout the school year, as well as other transportation-related events.

The ODE has developed the School Bus Purchase Program with the following goal in mind: Remove the oldest model year and highest mileage school buses used for regular route service in Ohio. School districts that qualify for the program will receive at least $45,000 per bus. Under the program, the Ohio Department of Education will issue awards for school districts to purchase one or more buses. Each bus purchased will require the school district to remove one of the qualifying buses (on the approved list provided by the Department) from regular daily service. If more than one bus is purchased, an equivalent number of buses shall be removed from regular service. Program Links:

  1. Details about the program
  2. Accept School Bus purchase funding
  3. School Bus program awards - select which allows access to a downloadable excel sheet

Virtual Transportation Supervisor

OSBA offers a unique support service for our member districts, known as the Virtual Transportation Supervisor program.

This program is not a replacement for your transportation supervisor, but a set of resources to help your administrative team (supervisor, treasurer, business manager) with transportation related resources. We offer this program to you for a single annual subscription fee, which results in access to services that would normally cost more if you contracted for them through our consulting offerings.  Included are district cost analysis reports, comparative cost analysis, audits of T reports to help you with your state filing, a library of transportation forms and resources, and training opportunities for new supervisors. 

Here is the state cost analysis report for the most recent year that data is available: State cost analysis.  Members who are subscribed to the VTS program can see their own district data in this same format, as well as any other district in the state that provides transportation and reports their data to ODE.

Our subscription period for this matches your school year - services begin on July 1 and end at the end of your fiscal year.

If you are interested in enrolling in the VTS program, there is a detailed description of the program as well as a registration form listed on the right side of this webpage.

Master of Transportation Administrator Series

OSBA offers members an opportunity for training in pupil transportation management. Our goal is to support newly appointed as well as veteran administrators. The training program focuses on three core competencies: compliance and safety; operations management; and governance and finance. The entire curriculum is delivered over a three-year period, with a minimum of five classes per school year. You may begin the program in any year.

Districts may participate in several different ways:

1) register for any of the individual classes offered; or

2) purchase the MTA subscription on behalf of a designated individual to participate in the Master of Transportation Administrator program that includes all competencies over a three-year period, as well as required projects that benefit the employer. These are one-year contracts, a total of three years are required to complete the program.

The full description of the program is available in the link to the right hand side of this page.

(All classes are from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., include lunch, and are scheduled at OSBA's offices at 8050 N High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43235)

Participation in MTA includes access to online class materials as well as OSBA's advanced pupil transportation library as well as transportation data summaries and cost calculators.

Registration instructions:

Individuals interested in registering for this training should contact OSBA staff at (614) 540-4000; or by email at .

(Participants must be employed by or under contract with an OSBA member district.)

FY 21 school year - Operations Management

Class Syllabus:  MTA 2021 Class

Registration Form: MTA 2021 registration

Due to COVID, all MTA 21 classes are being offered virtually 

  • MTA 21-1:    Sep 16  Routing and Technology
  • MTA 21-2:    Oct 28   Personnel Management
  • MTA 21-3:    Dec 2    Transportation Rules & Regulations
  • MTA 21-4:    Feb 3    The Transportation Handbook
  • MTA 21-5:    Mar 3     Public Relations and Working with the Media
  • MTA 21-6:    Apr  7     Designing your operational plan, and building keys for success

FY22 School year - "Governance"

  • MTA 22-1:        T-reports and state funding
  • MTA 22-2:        Understanding the budget process- local and state
  • MTA 22-3:        Transportation rules and regulations - the big picture
  • MTA 22-4:        Federal regulations, guidance and agencies
  • MTA 22-5:        Laws, Rules, Policy - what, how and why
  • MTA 22-6:        Hot Topics - safety, statistics, trends

FY23 School year - "Compliance"

  • MTA 23-1     Payment in lieu / school choice
  • MTA 23-2     Student management and training
  • MTA 23-3     Rules and Laws Governing Ohio Pupil Transportation
  • MTA 23-4     Driver records, background checks, compliance needs
  • MTA 23-5     Emergency Transportation Planning
  • MTA 23-6     Fleet Compliance