ACLU files lawsuit challenging Ohio ban on abortions due to Down syndrome |
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COLUMBUS (AP) â€" The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging an Ohio law prohibiting doctors from performing abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The lawsuit was filed against the state Health Department, state medical board and county prosecutors by Planned Parenthood and several individual abortion providers. It calls the 2017 law Ohios latest

Democratic nominee announces goals for opioid crisis
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LISBON John Dyce, the Democratic nominee for state representative, recently announced one of his goals will be to address the opioid crisis. We need solutions not failed campaign sound bites. Mr. Ginter (state Rep. Tim Ginter, R-Salem) said in September of 2016 during a community meeting on the opioid crisis that he wanted action. What has he done since, Dyce said in a news release announcin

Eric Holder to headline Democratic Party dinner in Ohio
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COLUMBUS The Ohio Democratic Party says former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will be the featured speaker at its annual legacy dinner in April. Chairman David Pepper announced the appearance Wednesday. Holder leads the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. The group is seeking to influence races in Ohio and 10 other states that it views as key to redistricting reform, including

Helping students? Or power grab? Governor would take power from elected state school board members in merger
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COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new bill to merge three state departments to better prepare students for jobs or college brings a major political change - shifting power from elected members of the state school board to the governor. The bill proposed by Ohio House Republicans would merge the Ohio Department of Education with the departments of Higher Education and Workforce Transformation, placing them all

Latest amendment to self-defense proposal draws constitutional criticism
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Ohio prosecutors and public defenders took aim earlier this week at an amendment to a House bill that would puts the onus on the state to refute self-defense claims in shootings. Specifically, the change, while still supporting the notion that the state must disprove a self-defense claim, would go further to require the state to demonstrate at the preponderance-of-evidence standard that the shoo

Local rep votes 'no' on changing Ohio's state seal
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May 2018 primary: Lake County Elections Board certifies candidates, issues
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The Lake County Elections Board Feb. 15 certified its candidate and issue filings for the May 8 primary. There was only one major change to the ballot: Democratic 61st District state representative candidate Rick Walker will run as a write-in candidate. Elections Board Director Jan Clair said Walker withdrew his petitions Feb. 14 and filed as a write-in. Clair said Walker would not have

Protestors call out Portman for his NRA donors; say his thoughts and prayers are not enough |
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In the wake of the killing of two police officers in Westerville and the school shooting in Parkland, Florida a group of protestors gathered in front of U.S. Senator Rob Portmans Columbus office Thursday afternoon. About two dozen people showed up carrying signs that accused Portman of accepting blood money from the NRA and demanding he donate that money to the victims of gun violence. The gr

Push to streamline threat reporting systems across school districts
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CLEVELAND - Educators are considered the best source of information to help prevent a mass school shooting, like the one in Florida.But a national security expert says theyneed to do a better job when it comes to having students report disturbing posts online.Right now, investigators are combing through Nikolas Cruzs social media accounts andseveraldisturbing posts are catching their attention.Wer


'Dreamers' left in limbo as Senate rejects bipartisan immigration bills - Chicago Tribune
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Weeks of intense negotiations for a bipartisan deal on immigration collapsed in Congress on Thursday, leaving hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants facing possible deportation. The rejection of four proposals in the Senate, coupled with a lack of consensus in the House, underscored the immense political pressures on Republicans and Democrats alike. Immigration has proved intract
(CNN)"President Trump, please do something! Do something. Action! We need it now! These kids need safety now!"With tears rolling down her face, Lori Alhadeff screamed into a microphone, glared into a camera, and begged the President to address the nation's deadly gun epidemic.Alhadeff's 14-year-old daughter, Alyssa, was one of 17 people killed during Wednesday's school shooting in Parkland, Florid

Bannon stonewalls committee, lawmakers weigh contempt
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Stephen K. Bannon, President Trumps former senior adviser, left both Republican and Democratic lawmakers on the House Intelligence committee frustrated Thursday when he refused to answer their questions, sparking a debate about whether to hold him in contempt. Mr. Bannon took questions from the members in private, as the committee continued its probe into whether there was collusion between Russi

Critics blast EPA for lowering Syngenta pesticide fine
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HONOLULU (AP) - Critics are blasting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for dramatically lowering a fine on agribusiness company Syngenta for violations of pesticide regulations. Syngenta, under a settlement announced this week, will pay $150,000 for improperly using the pesticide chlorpyrifos at a seed corn field in Hawaii in 2016 and 2017. It will also spend at least $400,000 to train far

Democratic memo at standstill, unclear when or if it'll be released
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Rep. Adam B. Schiff said Thursday hes uncertain when the Democratic memo concerning alleged surveillance abuses will be released and he wouldnt say whether hell work on it next week while Congress is out of town. His comments come roughly one week after the White House refused to release the memo, saying sensitive information in the memo as drafted would betray national security interests. But w

DOJ's Brand denies leaving because of Russia investigation
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Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand on Thursday denied reports that she is leaving the Justice Department because of fears she would be asked to oversee the Russia investigation. In her first public remarks since her departure was announced Friday, Ms. Brand said leaving the Justice Department where she was the No. 3 attorney was bittersweet. I loved working at the Department of Justice, s

Florida school shooting suspect ordered a drink at Subway after deadly assault
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This photo provided by the Broward County (Fla.) Jail shows Nikolas Cruz. Authorities say Cruz, a former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, killing more than a dozen people and injuring several.(Photo: Broward County (Fla.) Jail via AP)After his expulsion last year for fighting, Cruz returned to the high school with a venge

Kentucky House OKs bill limiting fees to outside attorneys
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The Republican-led Kentucky House voted Thursday to limit how much money outside attorneys can earn when hired by the state to pursue cases often pitting them against corporations and their high-powered legal teams. The House passed the bill on a 52-40 vote after a long and politically-charged debate. The action was quickly denounced by the states Democratic attorney genera

Key senator to stop blocking US arms sales to Persian Gulf
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WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is poised to let Persian Gulf nations resume buying American-made lethal weapons after a key U.S. senator said he would stop blocking the sales, even though the Qatar diplomatic crisis that prompted the freeze is no closer to being resolved. Last year, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said he was putting a blanket hold on sales to Gulf Coo

New maps sent to court in Pennsylvania gerrymandering case
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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) New proposals to redraw Pennsylvanias congressional districts rolled in Thursdayin a high-stakes gerrymandering case, meeting a court-ordered deadline to submit maps of boundaries for the state Supreme Court to consider adopting for this years election. Pennsylvanias House Democrats and Senate Democrats each submitted a plan Thursday, as did a group of Republican activists
MOREWASHINGTON Decrying the Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead the work of "hatred and evil," President Trump pledged to make American schools safer but made no mention of gun control in his six-minute speech.In his first public remarks on the shooting in Parkland, Fla., Trump sought to comfort victims and their families. "To every parent, teacher and child who is hurting so badly,

Russia says it has proof of Western influence in its upcoming election
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Moscow (CNN)Russia said Thursday that it has "concrete proof" that Western nations have attempted to interfere in its presidential election next month.Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova offered no proof but said that "destructive interference" had taken place "within the context of the presidential election campaign."Zakharova said the government's accusations were based on solid

Sen. Okerlund's health issues trigger leadership changes
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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerlund is temporarily stepping down from his leadership role because he is being evaluated for possible heart and kidney transplants. Senate President Wayne Niederhauser said in a news release Thursday that Sen. Kevin Van Tassell will become the Senate majority leader for the time being while Okerlund attends to his health. Okerlund will c