Customized strategic planning is among the most impactful work a board of education can do. The OSBA strategic planning model, proven highly successful for more than a decade, is designed to meet your district's specific needs. OSBA's board and management services consultants, all former school board members, will provide expertise on the board's role in setting district goals and work with your team to create a unique and customized strategic plan.

As leaders in your district, it's important to look toward the future and anticipate opportunities and roadblocks in preparing students for school and lifetime success.

A good strategic plan:

  • provides a framework for getting input from all stakeholders;
  • creates opportunities to develop or revise a district's mission and vision;
  • includes a process for establishing long-term district goals and specific strategies;
  • creates a plan for implementation, evaluation and improvement;
  • brings all other district plans, committees and priorities together in an understandable and actionable way.

Well-trained and informed boards are better prepared to lead their districts to improved student achievement; higher levels of governance; increased community and voter support; and greater confidence to make important decisions. The students in your district deserve such leadership.

High-performing boards think about the future and continuing their good work beyond the next election. Tips for succession planning for school boards can be found at

Goal Setting - For districts that already have a strategic plan, or for those unable to allocate the necessary time and resources required to complete a full strategic plan, OSBA consultants can design a customized goal-setting workshop to energize your current strategic plan or create a set of shorter-term goals to serve the district until a full strategic plan can be entertained. 

For further information, contact Cheryl W. RyanTeri MorganKristine Robbins or Quinn Maceyko at (614) 540-4000.