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Leadership. Experience. Character.

Let OSBA help you find the right fit for your key leadership positions or improve the performance of your district governance team. Thinking about advancing an internal candidate to a higher position? Searching for the right superintendent, treasurer, business manager, assistant superintendent, principal or other important position in your district? Trying to understand why one board member just can't seem to communicate with another? The Achiever leadership assessment can be a valuable tool for your district.

The Achiever may be used by districts in three key ways:

1.  As part of the evaluation of candidates for a superintendent or treasurer search.

2.  As part of the evaluation of candidates for administrator (central office, principals, etc.) searches.

3.  By the full district governance and leadership team (board, superintendent and treasurer) as a board development activity.

OSBA has exclusive rights in Ohio to the Achiever leadership assessment tool. The Achiever is an Internet-based assessment, analyzing six cognitive learning skills and 10 personality dimensions for each individual assessment. The Achiever creates a comprehensive, multi-faceted profile, providing a comparison to benchmarks created specifically for superintendent and treasurer candidates, other school administrators and board members. A detailed narrative of strength and developmental areas, behavioral-based interview questions and professional development ideas are also given.

Maximize your leadership team's performance

Boards of education who contract with OSBA for superintendent or treasurer search services have use of the Achiever as part of the search package.

For districts that want to use the Achiever for administrator evaluation or team-building, it is available for a minimal fee. 

Contact Cheryl W. RyanTeri Morgan, Roderick Cheatham or William D. Waidelich at (614) 540-4000 or (800) 589-OSBA for more information.