Board Self-Assessment

Although board self-assessment is not a requirement under Ohio Revised Code, many boards find that assessing their own work as a governance group serves multiple purposes. First, it allows for open discussion about progress made toward district goals and objectives. It also gives the board a chance to discuss how they're working together as a team with their superintendent and treasurer, and whether the processes and protocols they've agreed to as a group are working well.

Board self-assessment can and should be aligned to the same schedule and calendar as that for the superintendent and treasurer. Reviewing progress as a board in the summer before setting new objectives for the coming academic year is a timeline that is most beneficial.

OSBA has designed a set of objective standards that align with the Ohio superintendent and Ohio treasurer standards.

These are the five standards recommended for boards to consider as they work on self-assessment:

1. Responsible school district governance

2. Communication of and commitment to high expectations

3. Creation of district wide conditions for student and staff success

4. District accountability in all areas

5. Engagement of all community members

For assistance in creating a process and leading your board through self-assessment, please contact Cheryl W. RyanTeri Morgan or Kristine Robbins at (614) 540-4000.