Among the most important work for the school board is the performance evaluation of its superintendent and treasurer. It also can be one of the tasks that causes the most trepidation. Why? Board members are generally not educational experts. Evaluating the work of a school administrator when your own background is banking or farming, for example, seems difficult.  

Helping board members and districts through the process of goal setting and performance evaluation is a service OSBA can provide. By creating a standards-based model with five standards for the superintendent and five for the treasurer, board members can work with their administrators to provide a meaningful evaluation that will lead to individual and district improvement. The standards for each administrator are aligned with those for principals (OPES) and teachers (OTES), as well as for the board itself. The five standards for each position are detailed in the downloadable and editable documents at the right of this page.

OSBA has provided a proven model, and can offer in-district training and assistance to boards during the development of a superintendent and treasurer evaluation process. This highly-effective process will help your board in supporting a positive relationship between the board and the district's top administrators, and a higher level of accountability and clarity of expectations.

Whether your board wants assistance with the evaluation process, or is ready to move forward on its own, the templates provided here will help. They're easily customized, and will help make your evaluations more objective and less time-consuming. Any of our board and management services consultants are happy to help and answer questions.

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