Posted by Van D. Keating on 8/14/2020

On Monday,  Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced that schools can begin applying for the new…

Posted by Van D. Keating on 7/20/2020

On July 20, the Ohio Controlling Board approved requests to appropriate $100 million additional CARES Act funding for K-12 schools. This funding comes from the Coronavirus Relief Fund of the CARES Act and is separate from the $440 million recently allocated from the Elementary and Secondary School Education Relief (ESSER) Fund. 

These funds are allocated to districts using a base amount established by fiscal year 2019 enrollment data from the State Report Card, with additional money provided to districts to support economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities and…

Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 7/14/2020

The Ohio Departments of Health (ODH) and Education (ODE) have prepared guidance documents for school districts to use as they plan for the 2020-21 school year. One question that has been raised about the documents is whether school districts are required to implement the elements discussed or whether they are merely recommendations…

Posted by Ralph Lusher III on 1/24/2020

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education made two announcements that will affect the legal landscape once implemented.


In the first press release, the department announced that the Office for Civil…

Posted by Van D. Keating on 11/4/2019

As an important reminder, recently modified Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 3301.68

Posted by Van D. Keating on 2/20/2019

On February 15, Ohio school districts received a guidance document from the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) Office of Educator Licensure designed to help schools and teachers meet the new July 1

Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 1/18/2019

In conjunction with its five-year strategic plan, Each Child Our Future, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is restructuring its operations. ODE will be structured into four centers:

Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 11/20/2018

Yesterday, the State Board of Education and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) made the proposed amendments to the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule on transportation of students with disabilities (

Posted by Sara C. Clark on 10/5/2018

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Education released a “parents’ guide” that is designed to help parents and guardians understand the flexibility provided to states and school districts by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

According to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy…

Posted by Megan E. Greulich on 9/27/2018

Just last month, the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction released Ohio’s five-year strategic plan for education, titled Each Child, Our Future. The plan, which is available on the