Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 6/9/2017

OSBA offers school districts and ESCs in Ohio a wide range of services, access to up-to-date information and research on school issues, and the opportunity to participate actively in the development of educational policy at the state and federal levels. But board members may not be aware of one of the most valuable resources available through OSBA:  the Legal Assistance Fund (LAF).

LAF was established in 1976 to support school districts defending legal challenges with the potential to affect public schools across the state. LAF’s governing trustees are the OSBA president, president-…

Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 5/12/2017

In a unanimous decision issued yesterday, the Supreme Court of Ohio upheld the constitutionality of a school district’s searches of a student’s bags. In State v. Polk, the court concluded that schools have a compelling interest in protecting students from harm and it is reasonable for school…

Posted by OSBA Legal Ledger on 2/26/2010

This spring, the United States Supreme Court will hear the case of City of Ontario v. Quon, which questions whether the Fourth Amendment protects the privacy of text messages that a government employee sends by electronic device.

In 2001, the city of Ontario, California distributed pagers to a number of the employees in its police department. Jeff Quon, a member of the departments SWAT team, received one of the pagers. The city had no official policy governing…

Posted by OSBA Legal Ledger on 6/25/2009

The Supreme Court held today that a strip search of a teenager violated the 4th Amendment. See coverage from the New York Times for details on Safford v. Redding. The Court also issued an opinion in the legal battle that started in 1988 over Arizona's funding of English language education. See coverage from the Arizona Republic on