Posted by Jennifer Hardin on 1/2/2017

Three . . . two . . . one . . . Happy New Year!  


Posted by Megan Greulich on 1/4/2016

Happy New Year! At the beginning of every year, the division of legal services receives questions relating to organizational meeting procedures and the administration of the oath of office. Let’s take a moment to review the basics.

RC 3313.14 requires, city, local, exempted village and joint vocational school (JVS) boards to organize within the first 15 days of January. An educational service center (ESC) governing board has until the end of the month to hold its organizational meeting.

The meeting should be called to order by the president pro tem, and opening ceremonies (…

Posted by Sara Clark on 12/18/2013

‘Tis the season for board transition!  But what happens if your board returns from the holidays in January at less than full capacity?  A vacancy may occur on the board for many reasons, but vacancies typically occur in January as a result of one of two things.  Either a board member has resigned from the board during the middle of his/her term with an effective date of December 31 or the board had more open seats than interested candidates at the most recent election.  In either case, a vacancy will occur on the board as of January 1 and the vacancy should be filled using the same…

Posted by OSBA Legal Ledger on 1/8/2010

Before beginning the duties of the office, each new board member is required to take an oath of office. Board inquiries concerning the administration of the oath prove to be some of the most frequently asked questions we respond to in early January. Below, I have provided answers to some of the recent questions we have received.

Who may give the oath of office? The oath may be given by a number of people, including the treasurer, any other current board member, any…