Earlier this week, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) announced that several revisions to Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules related to Ohio School Report Cards have been posted on its website and are open for public comment. The revisions are being recommended to implement and comply with report card reforms enacted by the General Assembly in Sub. House Bill 82.

The public comment period for these rules ends next Weds., Feb. 9.

The school report card rules that are available for public comment are presented in three sets:  

  • OAC 3301-28-03, 3301-28-05, and 3301-28-08.
  • OAC 3301-28-02, 3301-28-07, and 3301-28-09.
  • OAC 3301-28-01, 3301-28-04, and 3301-28-10.

OAC 3301-28-03, 3301-28-05, 3301-28-08 which involve the achievement, graduation and prepared for success (college, career, workforce and military readiness) components of the Report Cards.

OAC 3301-28-02 and 3301-28-07 are the rules that cover gap closing and early literacy components of the report cards. The third rule in the set (OAC 3301-28-09), on other graded components, is being proposed for rescission because the provisions in the rule are being relocated to other rules in the chapter or are no longer relevant.

OAC 3301-28-01, 3301-28-04, 3301-28-06, 3301-28-10 are the definitions and rules on gifted performance indicator, progress component, and ratings for schools and districts in the report cards.

Comments on any of the proposed revisions to these rules should be submitted, no later than Feb. 9, 2022, to rulecomments@education.ohio.gov.

ODE has also posted for public comment three rules on blended and online learning. The deadline for comments on these rules is Feb. 16, 2022. The rules are:

OAC 3301-35-01 (pages 1-4), on purpose and definitions, is revised to define terms found in the Ohio Revised Code and align those terms with existing rules in OAC 3301-35-02 through OAC 3301-35-16.
OAC 3301-35-03 (pages 5 and 6), on blended learning, addresses the policies and procedures for public and chartered nonpublic schools that offer blended learning process to their students and provides the updated language reflected in the law. 
OAC 3301-35-16 (pages 6-11) is a new rule addressing the policies and procedures for public districts that operate an online learning school. It outlines expectations for districts including what they must provide to address student learning needs.

Comments on any of these rules should be submitted, no later than Feb. 16, 2022, to rulecomments@education.ohio.gov

Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 2/6/2022