The joint OSBA/OASBO workers’ compensation program is excited to announce that CompManagement Health Systems, Inc. (CompManagement MCO) is merging with CareWorks of Ohio, Ltd. (CareWorks MCO), effective Monday, Dec. 21, 2020. This merger accompanies a name change to Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio (Sedgwick MCO).

Sedgwick, CompManagement’s parent company, acquired CareWorks in 2019. For the past 16 months, the teams at CareWorks and CompManagement have partnered to develop best practices to ensure outstanding outcomes remain available to school district.

A couple of things to note below for districts who utilize CompManagement Health Systems:

· Your MCO service team will remain the same. Your Case Examiner, Nurse Case Manager and Account

Executive will continue to work with you, your employees and your organization.

· Your employees with an active claim will receive a letter regarding this merger, along with

updated instructions and reference information to share with treating physicians.

Again, there will be no change in MCO contacts for school districts or injured workers as a result of this merger. We look forward to the valuable resources that Sedgwick MCO will bring to our members. For additional information, please visit


Posted by Van D. Keating on 12/29/2020