On an annual basis, the National School Board Association’s (NSBA) Office of General Counsel legal staff updates federal resources documents. NSBA recently updated the following documents for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • 2016 Annual Notices
    This chart describes some of the notices required by federal law and provides links to documents that may be used in writing such notices.
  • 2016 Policies Required by Federal Law
    This chart lists federal laws and regulations that require a policy, written procedure or form. School districts may need to adopt additional policies that are not included in this chart but are required by state law. Please contact your policy services provider for additional information on these state-specific requirements. 
  • Key Federal Agency Guidance 2008-2016
    This document provides summaries of the key federal agency guidance that affects public K-12 school districts. Recent additions include guidance on: 
    • Foster Youth
    • Gender Equity in Career and Technical Education
    • Actions to Address Religious Discrimination
    • Civil Rights of Students with ADHD
    • Supporting Homeless Children and Youth Under ESSA
  • Required school district postings
    Subscribers to OSBA’s School Management News should also review the August edition of the SMN for a non-exhaustive list of the required general workplace and school-specific postings for school districts.

​​We hope you have a wonderful start to your school year and look forward to continuing our work with you and your districts. Please contact us at 855-OSBA-LAW with questions.

Posted by Sara Clark on 8/4/2016