The Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill (HB) 82 in June 2021, and it became effective on Sept. 30, 2021. HB 82 revised the state report card system for school districts, beginning with the report card issued for the 2021-2022 school year. However, the overall rating for schools and districts will not begin until the 2022-23 school year. 

One of the biggest changes in HB 82 is the replacement of the A to F letter grade system with a rating system that uses 1 to 5 stars to signify a schools’ performance, either individually or overall. Many components have become “report only,” meaning they are stats to be viewed but not calculated into the overall or component score. There are many other small changes, such as “Prepared for Success” will now be titled “College, Career, Workforce, and Military Readiness.”

Ohio Department of Education recently posted the comprehensive proposal for report card reform, which is under review by the State Board of Education's Performance and Impact Committee. The document also outlines a timeline for each segment of reform/review/feedback to be completed. As we reported in last week’s blog, the rule review process is underway and a presentation to the House and Senate Education Committees will be completed before the end of March. Between March to May 2022, ODE will revise the state’s “Every Student Succeeds Act.” Report cards will be published in September of 2022. In 2023 and 2024, the State Board of Education will review and recalibrate cut scores for all remaining components and ratings and the HB 82 Study Group will present a final report.  In 2025, College, Career, Workforce, and Military Readiness measure will be included into the ratings and the gifted performance indicator will be reviewed with the Gifted Advisory Council. 

Other highlights of the changes and more information on the state report can be found here

If you have general questions about the revisions to the report card, or about your obligations or responsibilities under Ohio Laws, please contact the Division of Legal Services at (855) OSBA-LAW.

Posted by Ralph Lusher III on 2/11/2022