We, at OSBA, would like for all members to be able to attend all of our workshops but we know that is unattainable.  We understand everyone’s busy schedules and other obligations. Keeping our members informed is a top priority, and that is why OSBA has On-Demand Learning.

On-Demand Learning is a great way to explore unfamiliar topics at your convenience and pace. These webinars offer practical advice, information and tips on subjects that need extended time to fully explain. The topics are wide ranging with only more to come. 

One of the webinars available is crowdfunding best practices. Crowdfunding refers to online fundraisers that help teachers and schools solicit donations of money and supplies to enhance classrooms and enrich the education of their students. Another great webinar is parliamentary procedure in action. This webinar provides both new and experienced board members with the tools they need to understand Robert's Rules of Order and how to use the rules to make their meetings effective and productive.

There are many more webinars to choose from and more on the horizon.  The webinar option allows the viewer to enjoy the content at their own pace, at a time that fits into everyone’s hectic lives, and is affordable.  Happy viewing!

Posted by Ralph Lusher III on 2/14/2020