In early April, the division of legal services posted about OSBA’s participation in the Ohio Attorney General-led opioid epidemic meeting that focused on addressing childhood trauma to create positive outcomes for children. The opioid epidemic is an ongoing concern in Ohio and across the country, and how to address it is an ongoing conversation.  As a part of that ongoing conversation, two resources have been created and produced by the Center for Innovative Practices (CIP), with support from Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) and the CURES grant, which provides funding to combat the prescription opioid and heroin crisis.

The first resource is a webinar titled Understanding Opioid Addiction and Recovery. The webinar and its accompanying handouts provide helpful background about opioids, addiction, and pathways to recovery for individuals experiencing opioid addiction. The webinar and associated materials are available online at:

The other available resource is a webinar titled The Opioid Crisis and the Impact on Families. This webinar and its accompanying materials provide comprehensive information on the impact the opioid epidemic has on children and families. It discusses the impact that trauma has on children and families and provides action steps for addressing trauma and providing a supportive environment for recovery from trauma. The webinar and other materials are available online at:

Posted by Megan E. Greulich on 5/11/2018