The June issue of Journal, OSBA’s award-winning magazine, features an entire section on hot topics for school districts. The articles, written by six members of the Ohio Council of School Board Attorneys (OCSBA), discuss five topics of critical interest to Ohio school board members and administrators.

In his article “Post Parkland protests pose array of legal questions,” James M. McWeeney II, of Walter Haverfield LLP, discusses first amendment rights of students and school staff. The article helps prepare districts to respond appropriately when protests occur in their schools. 

Julia Bauer, of Scott Scriven LLP, offers thoughtful guidance in her article “Tips on avoiding disputes when disciplining students.” The article addresses issues such as updating student codes of conduct, investigations, consistent discipline and abeyance agreements. 

The third article, by Rebecca C. Princehorn, Bricker & Eckler LLP, is “Legal concepts underlying boosters and capital projects.” Any district navigating updates and improvements to district facilities will gain practical insight on booster group gifts, tax considerations, naming rights and more. 

Sandra R. McIntosh, with Freund, Freeze & Arnold, LPA, writes about “Complying with the duty to report child abuse, neglect.” The article highlights the critical role that district employees play in protecting Ohio’s children, and provides guidance to help districts ensure that employees are complying with state law. 

Finally, with technology an ever increasing presence in classrooms, Pamela A. Leist and Gary T. Stedronsky, of Ennis Britton Co., LPA, answer the question: “What legal issues surround the use of classroom apps?” The article discusses FERPA, online privacy protection, and application accessibility, along with other topics. 

The issue also features Rick Lewis’s "Executive Outlook" about the Legal Assistance Fund, up-to-date information about this year’s Capital Conference, and with the U.S. Supreme Court decision on fair share fees expected any day now, don’t miss a great article by senior staff attorney, Van D. Keating about what fair share fees are and how they work. What are you waiting for? It's a great way to start your weekend. 

Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 6/22/2018