Students aged sixteen and seventeen, who are employed during the summer months after the last day of spring classes and before fall classes begin, are not required to provide their employer with an age and schooling certificate as a condition of employment (RC 4109.02). This exception applies if the student is employed in an area that is nonagricultural and nonhazardous as well as any other area of employment that is not prohibited to persons aged sixteen and seventeen.

Students that fit into the above category must provide their employer with proof of age in the same manner as provided the superintendent under RC 3331.02(A)(3), and a signed statement from the student’s parent or guardian consenting to the employment. An individual over the age of eighteen with whom the student resides may provide a signed statement consenting to the employment in the absence of the student’s parent or guardian.

If you have general questions about employing students, please contact OSBA’s division of legal services.

Posted by Candice Christon on 5/29/2015