In November, Governor DeWine appointed John Logue as the new Administrator/CEO of the Bureau of Workers Compensation. Earlier in his career, John worked for CompManagement and was the program administrator assigned to work with the OSBA/OASBO workers’ compensation program.


BWC has also announced the third 2020 dividend will be mailed in mid-December to school districts. The $5 billion dividend is approximately 372% of the 2019 net premium. If your district has any unpaid balances with BWC, it will be applied to that amount first. The dividends paid by BWC in 2020 total nearly $8 billion.


In May, BWC shipped 20.6 million face masks to 197,000 Ohio employers. Last week, BWC started shipping approximately 23 million additional masks to employers. Employers will not be billed for the masks and do not have to order them. Schools can expect to receive approximately the same number of masks in the second round of distributions as they previously received. For more information, visit


In other workers compensation news, districts are reminded that any 2020 policy year true-ups are due by Monday, February 15th.


Posted by Van D. Keating on 12/3/2020