Did you know that OSBA’s division of legal services provides many resources to school board members in the area of employment law?

Resources by Topic website

The OSBA legal division maintains a Resources by Topic page on the website that provides links to relevant laws and regulations, fact sheets, articles, and other resources on relevant topics, including employment laws. Check out the website for information on criminal record laws, a district’s ability to regulate political activity, rehiring retirees, superintendent and treasurer contracts, supplemental contracts and more.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Law Workshop – December 12

This workshop focuses on school districts' obligations and legal responsibilities to their employees in a diverse workforce. Experienced education and employment lawyers will address gender equity and effectively managing a multigenerational workforce and provide an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Decoding Human Resources for the Board and Administrative Team Workshop– February 5 

Board members have a strong, natural interest in processes to ensure their districts are recruiting, hiring and retaining high-quality staff members, teachers and administrators. But the appropriate role for board members, as decisions are made and staff are monitored and evaluated, can be difficult or misunderstood. This workshop answers questions about board member roles and responsibilities related to hiring and will help increase understanding of best practices related to contracts, extensions and nonrenewals.

HR Desktop Reference Guide to School Law

Written by school attorneys from law firms across the state, this helpful, complimentary desktop reference guide provides concise information describing the employment laws that directly relate to public school employment in Ohio. The guide includes chapters on the following topics: the hiring process, employment contracts, employment compensation, employment benefits, employee discipline, the end of employment, public records and personnel files, and employee policies and handbooks.


Do you have a suggestion for other resources that would be helpful? Please contact OSBA’s division of legal services at 855-OSBA-LAW.

Posted by Sara C. Clark on 12/7/2018