OSBA’s legal services division hosted its annual Attendance, Tuition and Custody Law Workshop today in Columbus.  This year, more than 170 school district EMIS professionals participated in an open and active discussion about a variety of topics. 

At the workshop, speakers shared information about resources that have been prepared by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). For those of you who weren’t able to attend the workshop today, here are links to some of those resources.

HB 410

ODE-HB 410 FAQs—Just last week, ODE added a 17-page overview on excessive absenteeism and HB 410.  The overview includes definitions, HB 410 changes and recommended policy revisions to implement the law.   The resource also features a helpful FAQ document.  In its overview, ODE invites questions and comments to improve the guidance by emailing: school_improvement@education.ohio.gov.


ODE-Superintendent Responsibilities for Home-educated Students—Another recent ODE document explains the duties and responsibilities of school district superintendents regarding students whose parents have chosen to educate their children at home. 

Students in Foster Care

ODE has a wealth of information on students in foster care at its foster care page.  One of the most helpful is the foster care flowchart, which identifies decision points in the process and the responsible parties at each step.

Questions about students in foster care can be addressed to Thomas Capretta, the Family and Children Community Coordinator at ODE. You can contact him by phone at (614) 752-1615, or by email at Thomas.Capretta@education.ohio.gov or fostercare@education.ohio.com.

Ohio Public Student Attendance and Tuition Guide

Finally, OSBA has recently updated its Ohio Public Student Attendance and Tuition Guide to reflect recent changes and new laws, including ESSA and HB 410.  Copies of the guide are available on OSBA’s website at this link.




Posted by Jennifer A. Hardin on 8/4/2017