Through our partnership with CompManagement Inc., members have an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs to assist in lowering workers’ compensation premiums. Ohio SchoolComp is a comprehensive program of OSBA and OASBO that is designed to meet the needs of Ohio’s public school districts, by providing unique services to assist school districts in controlling their workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation costs. Watch the video below for a comprehensive breakdown of the programs, or scroll down this page to read a text summary of each program.

OSBA and OASBO members may participate in any of the services offered below:

Group Rating Program
Enables small to medium-size districts with better than average claim histories to combine claim expenses and rate calculations to take advantage of premium savings currently reserved for larger districts. By participating in group rating, districts enjoy a much lower premium than could be attained on their own.  Savings generally range from 25 to the maximum discount allowed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation each year. Since 1991, CompManagement’s group sponsors have saved Ohio’s employers over $1.8 billion in workers’ compensation premiums. 

As a member, you owe it to your organization to explore all of the savings options available to you. Exploring your options is simple. For a free, no-obligation analysis, call CompManagement at (800) 825-6755, option 3 or click here to complete online.  

Group Retrospective Rating Program
Districts who do not qualify for group rating, may want to explore this alternative rating program. The program is designed to reward participants that are able to keep their claim costs below a predetermined amount. Districts continue to pay their individual premium; however, they have the opportunity to receive retrospective premium adjustments.  Districts committed to improving workplace safety and accident prevention in order to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents involving their employees, should investigate this program further as an additional savings tool. 

Deductible Program
An alternative rating program that allows districts to lower their premium expense by offering an upfront premium discount in exchange for the district assuming a per claim deductible. Districts select a deductible level that is appropriate to their operation.  The Small Deductible program has five levels ranging from $500 to $10,000 with discount ranges between 1.4% and 26%.  The Small Deductible level selected may not exceed 25% of total premium paid.  The Large Deductible program has four levels ranging from $25,000 to $200,000 with discount ranges between 1% and 48% (with or without an aggregate cap).  

State Fund Worker's Compensation Management Services
Districts not participating in the Alternative Rating Programs listed above may also obtain CompManagement’s services to assist them with their Ohio Workers' Compensation program. Services include claims management, client education, coordination of ancillary services, customized reporting, industrial commission hearing representation and manual classification review and savings opportunities.

Unemployment Consultation
Ohio School Comp’s Group Rating and Group Retro Program members have access to CompManagement’s Unemployment Compensation team of professionals at no additional charge.  Services include account management, program administration, claims administration, development of client personnel procedures as related to unemployment compensation, training and education, benefit charge audits, tax rate calculations including common rate programs, voluntary payments, corporate changes as they affect tax exposure, and hearing representation before the Appeals Sections of each state agency where allowed.

Safety and Loss Control Consultation
Ohio School Comp’s Group Rating and Group Retro Program members have access to CompManagement’s Risk Services team at no additional charge to assist them with a variety of risk, health, and safety issues.  Risk Services provides risk, health, and safety management support services to help maintain regulatory self-compliance, improve workplace safety and enhance injury prevention.  CompManagement’s professional experts may also assist in the development of organizational specific safety programs that are easily administered as well as highly effective.  Assistance is available in identifying areas of opportunity within loss control, safety management/accountability, risk management, regulatory self-compliance, human resources, ergonomics, behavior modification, and drug-free workplace program development.

Partner Information
CompManagement (CMI) is the Ohio School Boards Association’s third party administrator and is recognized as the industry leader in the administration of workers’ compensation group rating programs and claims management. Founded in Ohio in 1984, CMI is a privately held organization with headquarters in Dublin and serves the Ohio community on a statewide basis.  With nearly 700 colleagues based in Ohio, offices are located in Dublin, Canton, Cleveland, Hilliard, Cincinnati, and Toledo.  

Contact Information
John Logue
Association Manager
Phone:  (800) 825-6755, extension 1744
Fax:  (614) 932-1872
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 884
Dublin, OH 43017

Telephone Information and Consulting
Contact CompManagement’s Customer Support Unit at (800) 825-6755, option 3 with general workers' compensation questions.