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PaySchools is an OSBA endorsed program with an online payment system for school districts called PaySchools Central (formally PaySchools Central makes school payments quick and simple by putting power back in the hands of parents. Our endorsed product, a secure, web-based solution which allows schools and school districts to easily manage funds and fee collection online for: food services, activities, fundraisers, after school programs, registrations and more. 

Key Capabilities:

  • Dashboard-style website clearly lays out all information
  • Easy account setup means parent are up and running in minutes
  • Auto replenishment saves parents from worrying about their children running out of lunch money

Advantages for Your District

  • Increased revenue: Parents can pay quickly and easily
  • Faster lunch lines: Children aren’t paying with cash or checks
  • Fewer phone calls to your support staff: The system gives parents greater control
  • Auto replenishment eliminates the need to send reminder notices to parents

For more information or to sign up, contact Bob Reolfi, PaySchools Senior Account Executive, at (800) 669-0792.