The Ohio School Plan, governed by school officials, is dedicated to meeting the needs of Ohio public school entities by providing quality, affordable, and innovative insurance and risk management solutions.

The Ohio School Plan’s board and members are exclusively school entities and boards of developmental disabilities.  In addition to traditional coverage, we have been able to meet member insurance needs by developing specialized coverage, such as violence and fiduciary. 

Since its creation in 2002, the Ohio School Plan has grown to become the largest alternative insurance program for public schools in the state with nearly 300 members.  One reason for this growth is the Plan's strategy to provide long-term member benefits which align our interest with our members’ interests. 

The purpose of the Ohio School Plan is for schools to join together to form a program as authorized by Ohio Revised Code 2744.081 to:
• Establish and administer a Risk Management Program
• Prevent or lessen the incidence and/or severity of losses occurring from activities of the school
• Defend and protect members against allegations of negligence or loss

The Ohio School Plan’s risk management specialists will assist to create safer schools, help meet state requirements and reduce or eliminate risk.  For those risks transferred to the Ohio School Plan, you'll rest easy knowing your coverage's are solid and supported by some of the best known names in the reinsurance industry.

Visit or follow the Ohio School Plan tweets @OhioSchoolPlan for further information. 

For further information, please contact Wanda Bloch at or (614) 540-4000. You can also contact an Ohio School Plan representative at (800) 288-6821 or