Restraint and seclusion reporting

Dec. 16 is the deadline for schools to submit annual reports of student restraint and seclusion incidents to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Districts are asked to complete an online survey to fulfill their annual reporting obligations set forth under Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3301-35-15. In an effort to improve statewide reporting accuracy, ODE has created additional guidance documents and sample reporting forms. Those documents are available under the title “restraint and seclusion survey” on the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) and restraint and seclusion web page. Districts also can email with question regarding PBIS, restraint and seclusion.

Student suspension recommendations

At its Nov. 15, 2016 meeting, the State Board passed a resolution clarifying the intent of student suspensions for Ohio school districts. The resolution’s purpose is to encourage districts to avoid out-of-school suspensions by developing strategies for dealing with challenging behavioral incidents. The resolution cites PBIS as an example of an effective solution for reducing out-of-school suspensions and creating an alternative method for improving student behavior. ODE provides several PBIS resources on its website.

The State Board emphasizes its respect for local board of education and administration authority and judgment in these situations. As a result, the resolution does not create requirements for districts, but rather, highlights an issue schools are facing and makes recommendations for potential solutions. For more information on PBIS or other strategies to reduce out-of-school suspensions, ODE suggests contacting Michael Petrasek at (614) 387-7706.

Posted by Megan Greulich on 12/8/2016