There are some important dates coming up in relation to the College Credit Plus (CCP) program for the 2016-17 school year. CCP allows students in grades 7-12 to enroll at any public college/university and any participating nonpublic college/university on a full- or part-time basis and complete nonsectarian, nonremedial courses for transcripted high school and/or college credit.

Districts should have already provided students in grades 6-12 with information about participation in CCP by the required March 1 deadline. Districts also are required to hold an informational session by March 30, where all colleges and universities within a 30-mile radius (or the closest college if none are located within 30 miles) are invited to attend. Districts must make alternate accommodations for interested students who are unable to attend the scheduled informational session.

Students are then required to notify districts of their intent to participate by April 1. Any students who miss this deadline, but still wish to participate, must secure written permission to participate. Districts also are obligated to provide counseling services to students prior to their participation in the program.

Keep in mind; the option of summer term participation begins this year, and rules for such participation were recently updated. Statutory provisions and rules related to CCP appear under Revised Code Chapter 3365 and Administrative Code 3333-1-65. Visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s website for more guidance and resources on CCP and district obligations.

Posted by Megan Greulich on 3/11/2016