Yes. RC 3313.642 (D) allows a school board to charge students for instructional materials and for the loss, damage or destruction of school equipment, musical instruments, library materials, or textbooks. If a student who is required to pay fees refuses to pay any fees or charges he or she is assessed, the student's grades and credits may be withheld by the board until such payment is made. Keep in mind that recent changes to RC 3313.642 now prohibit school boards from charging instructional fees to students who are eligible for a free lunch under the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 if those fees are normally assessed as a result of the student's participation in a course of instruction. Obviously, students who are eligible to have their fees waived should not have their grades or credits withheld by the board if they refuse to pay for any fees associated with materials needed to enable the student to fully participate in a course of instruction.

Posted by OSBA Legal Ledger on 3/2/2010