The OSBA Aptitude Award requires a board member to demonstrate an understanding and comprehension of a variety of board governance skills based on six leadership areas: vision, accountability, policy, community engagement, relationships and advocacy.  


The assessment period is June 13, 2022 through July 8, 2022. The awards are presented at the fall regional conferences.

Application process

Board members can take the assessment at their convenience in the designated time frame during June and July. The assessment will be offered annually.

OSBA has materials to help board members prepare prior to the annual assessment. Board members can choose from a list of activities to help them prepare, including self-directed reading, attendance at workshops or participating in webinars. See "Resources to help you prepare" below. Note that these activities also may count toward a board member's Training or Service awards.

Registering for the assessment 
The assessment is free, but you must register to take it. To register, log into the OSBA website and click the assessment registration link.

After you register, you will receive an email with a link for the assessment, which is being conducted through Moodle. Click the link provided in the email to access the assessment and use your OSBA log in and password to begin the assessment.


To receive this award, board members must receive an 80% passing score on the online assessment. You will receive your score after you complete the assessment. If you did not reach the 80% passing score, you can retake the assessment again at any time during the annual assessment period to achieve a better result. You do not need to reregister to retake the assessment.

What to expect during the assessment

Each assessment is 50 questions, worth two points each. Questions are a blend of multiple choice and true/false questions that focus on board governance. 

You may take as long as you need to complete the assessment. We expect it to take approximately an hour to complete the assessment. You must complete the assessment before logging out.

This is an open-book assessment; you may use any resources on the OSBA website or from any OSBA publications to assist you.

Sample questions

A standard board member term of office is for:
A. one year
B. two years
C. four years
D. eight years

The term for board members elected in a November general election begins:
A. the day after the November general election
B. Dec. 1
C. Jan. 1
D. on a date agreed to by the board of education

Resources to help you prepare

You can use OSBA publications, fact sheets and webpages to help you prepare for the assessment, as well as while you are taking the assessment. Note: this is not a comprehensive list of all resources.