The OSBA Aptitude Award requires a board member to demonstrate an understanding and comprehension of a variety of board governance skills based on six leadership areas: vision, accountability, policy, community engagement, relationships and advocacy. Note: More details on this assessment and materials will be available in fall 2020. 


The assessment will be available June 2021-July 2021. The awards are presented at the fall regional conferences beginning in fall 2021.

Application process

Board members can take the assessment at their convenience in the months of June and July beginning in 2021. The assessment will be offered annually.

OSBA will develop materials so board members can prepare prior to the annual assessment. Board members can choose from a list of activities to help them prepare, including self-directed reading, attendance at workshops or participating in webinars. Note that these activities also may count toward a board member's Training or Service awards.


To receive this award, board members must receive an 80% passing score on an online assessment. The assessment may be taken multiple times by a board member who does not receive an 80% score and wants to try again during the annual assessment period.