The OSBA Recognition Award honors individual board members whose fellow board members, in recognition of their dedication to good governance and participation, wish to publicly acknowledge such contributions.  

The Recognition Award may be received separately or in combination with any or all of the other individual STAR (Service, Training and Aptitude) awards. However, if a board member earns OSBA's Service, Training and Aptitude awards within the requisite time period, OSBA will notify their board that a resolution to approve the member for the Recognition Award would complete the STAR series and, in doing so, allow the individual to be declared a Master Board Member.


Resolutions/nominations must be received by July 31 if it is required to complete the STAR series for the designation of Master Board Member, as explained above. Otherwise, they can be submitted any time during the year. Awards are presented at the regional fall conferences.

Application process

Any board member may motion to nominate another for the OSBA Recognition Award. After receiving a second to that nomination, a majority of the board must approve a resolution for the award to be given. Once voted upon, the board of education should forward the approved resolution to OSBA on behalf of the board member to be recognized. Any individual board member may request the nomination. It is incumbent upon the board member and their colleagues to determine whether his or her work on behalf of the district deserves such recognition. A sample resolution is available. The approved resolution can be sent to Gwen Samet at

OSBA will notify a board of education when one of its members has received the OSBA Training, Service and Aptitude awards and, by potentially also receiving the Recognition Award, would complete the STAR series of awards and therefore qualify for the Master Board Member Award.


A board member nominated by their board should demonstrate outstanding boardmanship and service to public education. Consider board members who understand the appropriate role of the board member; support the mission of the district; are concerned for student achievement; collaborate with fellow board members in decision-making; invest in their own professional development; show respect for all students, staff and community members; and reflect OSBA's board member Code of Ethics.