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Board member compensation, benefits and expense reimbursement  

Competitive bidding

Criminal records check 

District property disposal - updated

Educating adult students and emancipated minors 

Filling board of education vacancies - updated

Grandparents as caretakers 

How to create an education foundation - updated

Interstate compact: Educational opportunity for military children 

Misconduct reporting

Ohio's Sunshine Law

Parliamentary procedure - new

Regulating political activities of school employees

Rehiring retirees

School board organizational meeting and oath of office

School levy limitations 

Selecting design professional or design-build services

Supplemental contracts

Understanding school levies - updated

Voting makes a difference

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Board member compensation

Board policy roles

EdChoice Scholarship (voucher) Program

Effective advocacy

Helping new board members transition to your leadership team

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program

Kids PAC - your political action committee

Ohio's Public Records Law

Ohio's Sunshine Law

OSBA Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage

OSBA bond program

OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show Housing

Rehiring retirees

School board vacancies

School transportation regulations

Social media and schools

Stand Up for Public Schools campaign

Strategic planning

Tips for contacting or meeting with legislators

Tips on running successful board meetings


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